General membership conditions

ROBINSON STARS is the customer loyalty program of Robinson Club GmbH, which rewards the ROBINSON guests for their loyalty. Members receive selected monetary and non-monetary advantages both during and after their stay at a ROBINSON resort (or, if applicable, from Robinson Club GmbH programme partners too). The basis for membership in the ROBINSON STARS programme is the general membership conditions supplied here. These apply in equal measure to all members. Membership of ROBINSON STARS is free.

1. Membership

1.1 Eligible persons and bookings

Eligible to join are solely individual natural persons aged 18 and over. Children and teenagers under 18 are excluded from the customer loyalty programme. Personal details entered must be correct and truthful, and are to be substantiated upon request by Robinson Club GmbH. A member is the individual traveller/guest or interested party. In principle, collected Nights are recognised from all booking types accessible to the general public, independent of the booking method. The following booking types are only available to closed groups of people: expedited bookings, employee bookings, group bookings, journalist bookings, friend's rate bookings, discount bookings, advance payment bookings and special-price bookings. No legal claim for admission to participating in ROBINSON STARS exists. Robinson Club GmbH may deny membership to ROBINSON STARS without reason.

1.2 Registration

Registration and membership of the programme are completed solely via the ROBINSON STARS web portal ( Once a member has collected at least 30 Nights, s/he is entitled to make use of and receive a ROBINSON STARS card. Only one membership account may be opened and held per individual. Cards remain the property of Robinson Club GmbH and are issued as required.

1.3 Personal password Members enter a personal password during registration. This must meet specific criteria. Members must ensure that their password is not misused and that it does not become known to a third party. If members suspect that their password is being misused, they are required to notify Robinson Club GmbH immediately. In the case of damages which arise as a result of a culpable failure or delayed notification until the time of receipt of the notification, Robinson Club GmbH is liable only within the parameters of section 5.1 of these membership conditions.

1.4 Cancelling/disabling membership account

Members retain the right to disable their customer profile at any time via the web portal. Robinson Club GmbH reserves the right to deactivate a member’s account at any time if that member is in violation of one or more of the provisions of section 2.4.

2. Collecting Nights

2.1 General

The Nights collected during a stay at a Robinson Club resort form the basis of calculation of ROBINSON STARS. This calculation only includes reported Nights. Cancelled bookings and so-called no-shows are excluded.

2.2 General rules regarding the collection of Nights

Nights must be actively collected. Members of the ROBINSON STARS programme can have Nights credited to them in two ways:

| By identifying themselves as ROBINSON STARS members when checking in at a Robinson Club resort
| By entering their information via the ROBINSON STARS web portal

Nights are credited to a member’s account after departure when a member has identified him or herself as a member during check-in or after entering their information via the ROBINSON STARS web portal – but never before departure.

2.3 Other customer loyalty programmes

Bonus points or other billing units from other programmes run by Robinson Club GmbH or other TUI Group companies may not be included in the calculation or be accounted as part of the ROBINSON STARS programme.

2.4 Transferring and trading Nights

Nights may not be transferred to a third person. The sale, exchange, auctioning of or any other form of transferral of Nights to a third party is prohibited. Also prohibited is acting as an agent in the purchase or sale of Nights and the purchase of Nights from members or third parties, as well as the unauthorised use of Nights. If a member is found to be in violation of the above, Robinson Club GmbH has the right to deactivate the member’s account in accordance with section 1.4.

2.5 Account status

The current number of collected Nights and the current status level can be viewed in the login area of the ROBINSON STARS web portal.

2.6 Adding not already included holidays

Members can view stays/Nights included in the calculation in the login area of the ROBINSON STARS web portal where they also have the opportunity to enter missing trips by supplying the appropriate trip or transaction number.

2.7 Validity/expiry of Nights

Nights collected for ROBINSON STARS are valid for 3 business years. A business year is from 1 October to 30 September of the following year. Nights falling outside of this period (last 3 business years) are no longer valid.

2.8 Misuse

A member is in breach of these membership conditions when s/he realises one or multiple elements of offence as per section 2.4 (transferral/trading of Nights) through his or her actions.

3. Status level and advantages

3.1 Member status level

The ROBINSON STARS programme includes different status levels and corresponding card types. The respective status level is based on the number of collected Nights within the previous 3 business years. A business year is from 1 October to 30 September of the following year. The member’s status level is fixed during a single business year and cannot be downgraded. However, an upgrade to a higher status level is possible at any time during a business year. In such a case, the member automatically receives a new card and must destroy the old, now invalid, card. Nights are recalculated at the start of the next business year, and the status level is adjusted accordingly.

| Members with 30–50 Nights accredited to them within the last 3 business years reach the first status level and receive the White Card ***.
| Members with 51–100 Nights accredited to them within the last 3 business years reach the second status level and receive the Grey Card ****.
| Members with over 100 Nights accredited to them within the last 3 business years reach status level 3 and receive the Black Card *****.

3.2 Advantages

Each status level unlocks different advantages. The current advantages are available here: The advantages connected to a status level can be used in all ROBINSON CLUB resorts, insofar as nothing to the contrary is stated. No claim on individual advantages exists. In addition, Robinson Club GmbH expressly reserves the right to partially or completely alter, discontinue or replace advantages with others at any time without reason. Members will be informed of any imminent change by email. The advantages are for the respective member, are non-transferrable and may solely be claimed by the member. Any advantage which is not claimed during a trip with ROBINSON will become invalid. Therefore, members are not entitled to the exchange of an advantage against another advantage nor the payment of an equivalent value in case of non-utilization of an advantage or the carrying over or crediting of an advantage to a later trip.

4. Breach of membership conditions, account suspension and contract termination

4.1 Cancellation, suspension, exclusion from programme participation

4.1.1 Proper cancellation

Members may cancel their membership at any time without being subject to a cancellation period by cancelling their membership via the ROBINSON STARS web portal or informally in writing by email to
A proper cancellation by Robinson Club GmbH is possible without reason and only under adherence to a cancellation period of 4 weeks.

4.1.2 Extraordinary cancellation

Regardless of a ROBINSON STARS status, Robinson Club GmbH may invoke an immediate extraordinary cancellation as well as the exclusion from program participation for an important reason with effect for the future. An important reason is, in particular, a serious breach of the conditions of membership by the member. The same applies in the case of misuse as per section 2.8 as well as in case of the supply of incorrect details, harassment or damaging behaviour towards employees or customers (such as ROBINSON CLUB guests). This also applies to non-compliance with instructions from the respective staff at ROBINSON CLUB resorts. Except in the cases of § 323 paragraph 2 BGB (German Civil Code), an extraordinary cancellation is only permissible after the expiry of a deadline for resolution or unsuccessful warning.

4.1.3 Deactivation and suspension from programme participation

In the cases described in section 4.1.2, in place of exercising its right of termination Robinson Club GmbH may instead terminate an existing status level without notice by unilateral declaration. Robinson Club GmbH also has the right to suspend the member’s account in the cases described in section 4.1.2. The power of the suspension also exists when objective suspicious factors point to the existence of an important reason to allow for a period of time necessary for the appropriate examination of the facts. Claims on the part of the member on the grounds of a suspension which is justified according to the above regulations do not exist.
Following a declaration of cancellation by Robinson Club GmbH, it is not possible to become a member of ROBINSON STARS again. The conditions of membership shall continue to apply after cancellation to complete termination of the relationship.

4.2 Programme termination

The Robinson Club GmbH reserves the right to discontinue ROBINSON STARS at any time and without reason and to terminate the membership contracts properly. Such terminations shall be subject to the provisions of section 4.1.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Liability

The following applies to damages incurred from Robinson Club GmbH by members in connection with their membership: In the case of wilful intent or gross negligence or in the event of a guarantee, liability is unlimited. In case of slight negligence, the liability in case of injury to life, body or health is likewise unlimited. In the case of a slightly negligent violation of essential contractual obligations, the liability is limited to material and financial loss resulting from the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. An essential contractual obligation is an obligation whose fulfilment is essential to the proper implementation of the contract and on whose adherence the member may regularly rely. Any further liability for damages is excluded – except claims according to the Product Liability Act.

5.2 Data protection

The personally identifiable information associated with membership is processed and used by Robinson Club GmbH for purposes serving the implementation of the programme. For further information on data protection, please refer to the separate data privacy policy:

5.3 Loss, theft

Loss, theft or damage to the ROBINSON STARS card must be reported to Robinson Club GmbH immediately. This will facilitate the issuance of a new card.

5.4 Change of programme or membership conditions

Robinson Club GmbH reserves the right to make changes or additions to the conditions of membership and the advantages at any time, provided that the member is not disadvantaged in this way. Damage claims by members against Robinson Club GmbH resulting from changes in country-specific law are excluded. Changes or amendments to these conditions of membership will be announced in writing. Changes or amendments to the conditions of membership are deemed to be approved of if a participant does not object in writing within two months of receiving notification. We undertake to pay particular attention to such a consequence upon announcement. If a participant refuses to accept a change or amendment, his or her membership may be terminated by means of proper cancellation in accordance with section 4.1.1 of the conditions of membership.

5.5 Law, court of jurisdiction

German law exclusively applies. If a member does not have a general court in Germany, the court of jurisdiction is Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, a member may also be prosecuted at his general court of jurisdiction or at any other place where he is legally responsible. Any arising legal and judicial costs of a legal amount – or an appropriate amount if no statutory amount exists – serving a necessary legal defence shall be borne by the party subjected to a legally binding court ruling. The winning party has a claim for reimbursement.

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